Jarid Ingebrand


Welcome to my portfolio and blog! I’m a software developer and entrepreneur who enjoys working on virtual reality and game development projects. I’m still working on getting all of my info up on this site, sorry about the mess! (May 3, 2018)


I earned a degree in computer engineering from Iowa State University (ISU)  in 2017. My studies primarily focused on software development, computational perception, and robotics. While at ISU I had the opportunity to participate in undergraduate and graduate research.



In addition to taking classes at Iowa State University I worked part time as a research assistant for Dr Rafael Radkowski. Our research focused on tracking objects using depth sensors such as the Microsoft Kinect, and other depth cameras. This type of object tracking is possible by comparing a reference point set with the depth camera point set. (more information)



In my spare time I enjoy skiing in Colorado with my family and developing video games. If I had to choose between the two… I’d pick skiing. Most days I’m happy drinking a cup of coffee and writing some new code.


Development Capabilities



Iowa State University

Aug 2013 – May 2017

Bachelor – Computer Engineering (Software Focused)

I earned a computer engineering degree from Iowa State University. I took interesting classes such as, Computational Perception, Computer Graphics, Computer Games and Media, Electronic System Design, and the required classes. These classes helped me refine my problem solving skills, documentation methods, and software development experience… Honestly, I learned this most working in the Augmented Reality Lab.

Work Experience

Quantum Bit Studios LLC

May 2017 – Present

Fulltime – C++/UE4 Lead Developer

In 2015 I started a game development company Quantum Bit Studios LLC as a side project. So far I have worked on three projects The Maze Experiment, Time Raid, and Sand Party. Time Raid is a time travel based puzzle game, check out the demo here. Recently, I have been working on Sand Party. You can check that demo out over here.

Ames, Iowa

Augmented Reality Lab

Jan 2014 – May 2017

Part-time – C++ Developer

The Augmented Reality Lab is a group within Iowa State University’s Virtual Reality Applications Center (VRAC). As an undergraduate I worked with Dr. Rafael Radkowski on various object tracking demonstration applications and prototypes for companies such as Danfoss, Boeing, Rockwell, and a smaller demo for NASA. The final project I worked on involved integrating our object tracking framework with the Microsoft Hololens (Video).


Ames, Iowa

Clive Aquatic Center

Summer 2010-2014

Seasonal – Lifeguard

Before graduating from college, I worked at a local pool and a lifeguard and swim lesson instructor. I often took on a leadership role while teaching swim lessons.

Clive, Iowa


  • C++ 100%
  • C 100%
  • UE4 Blueprints 100%
  • C# 100%
  • Java 95%
  • JSON 80%
  • Lua 70%
  • XML 70%
  • MATLAB 50%
  • HTML 50%
  • YAML 50%
  • Python 40%
  • PHP 30%
  • Objective-C 30%
  • SQL 30%
  • JavaScript 20%


  • Unreal Engine 4 100%
  • Unity 100%
  • Hololens 100%
  • Source Tree 100%
  • Perforce 95%
  • Visual Studio 90%
  • Git 90%
  • Eclipse 90%
  • Monogame 80%
  • OpenCV 80%
  • Open Scene Graph 80%
  • Microsoft Office 100%
  • Notepad++ 100%
  • OpenGL 80%
  • Oculus Rift 80%
  • Linux 70%
  • Adobe Products 60%
  • Android 50%
  • NetBeans IDE 50%
  • 3DS Max 30%
  • Cuda 40%
  • And More! 100%